A network of creatives
With its feel for fashion, innovative design and exclusive quality, Airfield has quickly established itself as a successful international fashion label. Today Walter Moser GmbH supplies some 1000 customers in the high quality textiles trade and runs its own stores across the world. The 7,500 m² headquarters in Seewalchen is home to the design, production, marketing, sales, e-commerce, administration, logistics centre and customer services divisions. The mission statement of the brand and company is based around three parameters – appreciation, profitability and, of course, creativity. A total of 230 employees currently work for the company in Austria, Germany, Switzerland and the Netherlands. The company also has a strong network of sales agencies and partners across Europe, Asia and Canada. And all are pursuing the same goal: creating fashion to impress!

Exclusive, exceptional, personal
Passion is a top priority at AIRFIELD: ‘fashion made with passion!’ is the motto of the label. The idea behind this: boundaries should be blurred or better still eliminated, whether in relation to long-established clothing specifications or trends. There are no longer any distinctions between business basics and sporty outfits; previous fashion rules have been harmoniously interlinked and any visible contrasts eradicated. What might appear at first glance to be a contradiction is clearly part of AIRFIELD’s unmistakeable, exclusive and almost provocative style on second glance. AIRFIELD opens up some exceptional perspectives and explores some new horizons with this fashion philosophy. And most important of all: AIRFIELD leaves room for a personal interpretation of one’s own fashion style. AIRFIELD fashion is both a means of self-presentation and in particular a method of expressing one’s own personal passion for fashion.

AIRFIELD across the world
Walter Moser GmbH operates its high quality textiles business in some 40 countries across Europe, Asia and Canada.

Shopping is also possible across the world via the online shop where the latest collections are featured:

    Maffeistraße 6
    80333 München
  • Women’s fashion, accessories
  • +43 7662 3175 0
  • Ground floor
  • Mon - Fri 10.00 am - 7.00 pm
    Sat 10.00 am - 6.00 pm


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